Sampling of Our Tanks

Agro-Chem in Wabash, IN carries a huge selection of tanks from Snyder, a manufacturer of engineered, durable products.


Snyder Applicator Tanks
Snyder manufactures a wide line of applicator tanks in sizes from 8 gallons to more than 1,025 gallons and a variety of styles including lawn and garden, horizontal, elliptical, champion, sidemount, and spherical.

All tanks feature 6" or 10" screw-on lids for easy filling, ultraviolet inhibitors to protect the tank and its contents, molded-in gallon indicators, and more.

Snyder Cone Bottom Tanks
Snyder's mix tanks are available in sizes from 15 gallons to 110 gallons, while our cone bottom storage tanks hold from 500 gallons to 11,850 gallons. The 30-degree and 45-degree cone options provide fast discharge and complete drainage, and both our mix tanks and storage tanks feature engineered. Welded steel stands. Optional fitting locations and gallonage tapes are also available.

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Snyder Mini-Bulk Tanks
For your smaller liquid storage and transport needs, Snyder makes a complete line of mini-bulks in a variety of configurations and sizes.

All are available in fluorinated models and feature tamper-evident seals, top unload,
two-to-eight way forklift access, easy stacking design and more.

The square stackables also feature bottom unload.

Snyder Super Nurse Tanks
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Snyder Vertical Tanks
Snyder's vertical tanks are versatile enough to use for everything from bulk storage to portable nurse applications.

These tough, lightweight tanks come in a variety of styles and sizes from 22 gallons to 22,000 gallons (the largest traditionally molded tank ever).

All Snyder vertical tanks feature stable, flat bottoms, maximum drainage siphon assemblies, and molded-in, tie-down lugs.

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Mid-State Stainless Steel Tanks
High quality stainless steel tanks ideal for a variety of agricultural uses.




Trinity Tanks

Trinity offers high quality Anydrous Ammonia bottles in 1000 and 1465 gallons.
They come with 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" high flow withdraw valves.


KBK Fiberglass Tanks

12' diameter fiberglass tanks that come in sizes that range from 8,000- 30,000 gallons

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